SIGN THIEF ACTION: Demand Hall-Long Resign

Chicago style political thuggery should not be tolerated right here in the First State.

If you agree, I hope that you will contact incumbent State Senator Bethany Hall-Long and demand that she resign immediately!

As you can see here, Bethany Hall-Long’s husband was caught on camera stealing campaign signs, and is facing criminal charges following his recent arrest for this incident.

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Cape Henlopen Tax Hike Poll Locations

The vote is Wednesday, April 2nd from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM at three locations.

Here are the poll locations and addresses:

Cape Henlopen High School located at 1250 Kings Hwy in Lewes

Mariner Middle School located at 16391 Harbeson Rd in Milton

Rehoboth Elementary School located at 500 Stockley St Ext in Rehoboth Beach

Send a clear message to the state that we are tired of the games being played with our money and our children’s future.

Get out there and VOTE NO.
You can find out more at these links: Never Forget, Route 24 Of All Places
Cape Henlopen Ballot - VOTE NO_small

Route 24 Of All Places

There is no question that a solution is needed, but this is not the right one.

The Cape Henlopen School Board had choices to build onto existing schools and onto existing land, but it was the State Department of Education that turned them down.

In fact, they had a lot of choices. You won’t believe what we’ve found.

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Never Forget

When politicians come begging for more of your money and try to pin it on helping the children, it’s important to know and remember their history.

In 2008, the Cape Henlopen School District went to referendum to transfer a tax rate from construction to operations, as well as spend $1.6 Million to buy a second turf field.

They had recently voted to tear down a functional, 30-year-old school and the latest tax increase was “collecting too much in taxes to pay for the new school,” according to then-Superintendent George Stone.

So they wanted to play a shell game with your money:

Move the construction money they didn’t need to collect over to their operations budget, so they could splurge on more things we didn’t need.

Then they wanted to add insult to injury by spending money on an unnecessary second turf field that would double their maintenance costs.

Both items were soundly defeated in that 2008 referendum.

But did that stop the Cape Henlopen School Board?

Not a chance.

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Victory in Milford! Now on to Cape Henlopen

I cannot thank you enough for your help in yet another victory for the liberty movement in Delaware.

This past Wednesday we were successful in defeating a tax hike proposal supported by the school bureaucrats in Milford.

Even with a government funded pro-tax hike robo call and illegal electioneering happening at the polls facilitated by the opposition–we were still successful.

Both ballot questions went down in flames.

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Milford Tax Hike Poll Locations

The vote is Wednesday, March 26th from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM at three locations.

Here are the poll locations and addresses:

Benjamin Banneker Elementary School located at 449 North Street in Milford

Lulu M. Ross Elementary School at 310 Lovers Lane in Milford

Evelyn L. Morris Early Childhood Center at 8609 Third Street in Lincoln

Send a clear message to the state that we are tired of the games being played with our money and our children’s future.

Get out there and VOTE NO to both items on the ballot.
You can find more information here: The Robbery in Milford

The Robbery In Milford

The referendum in Milford is a perfect example of why maintaining local control over education is so important.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for the citizens of both Kent and Sussex Counties to rise up and get that control back.

There are two items on the Milford referendum.

One has to do with tearing down the historic Milford Middle School and constructing a new building. The other is to make up for the shortfall in their operations budget.

Neither item on the ballot is justified. We’ll explain.

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Milford School District uses your money for political call

On Friday, March 21st, the Superintendent of Milford School District was heard on an automated call that went out to parents with children in the public schools of Milford School District.

She was warning them of an “out-of-area political action committee” that may be calling about the upcoming referendum and asking citizens to vote NO.

She said that this PAC was involved in the recent referendum defeat in Seaford and was rumored to be targeting Milford next.

Was the superintendent talking about First State Liberty PAC?

You bet she was.

She then urged everyone to vote YES on the tax hike referendum!

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Only you can control bad government

A new 10 round magazine limit is only 2 votes away in Delaware.

An Assault Weapons Ban bill is sitting on Beau Biden’s desk, ready for introduction when the political opportunity is ripe.

Our state legislature still has major gun control bills on their agenda.

They also have plenty of other bad bills on their wish list, many of which are poised to skate through under the radar.

Our city, town, and county governments continue to pass tax hikes, regulations, and ordinances that are crippling to our economy and devastating to the future of freedom in Delaware.

The only way to stop them is to have more citizens trained with the truth about how politics and government works.

The deadline to sign up for this training is this Saturday, January 25th.

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City of Newark passes new gun ban

That will be the headline if newly introduced Senate Bill 23 passes.

The Delaware Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on Wednesday for this major piece of anti-gun legislation.

Senate Bill 23 will give every city and municipality in Delaware the ability to write their own gun grab laws.

Get your lawsuit paperwork ready if this one passes the Senate —

— and save up for those attorney fees.

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It’s Official


We did it!

The gavel just fell in the Delaware State Senate chamber, ending the third legislative day in Dover for 2014.

HB-88 will NOT be reconsidered.

Today was the LAST CHANCE for Beau Biden and people on his side to sneak in a motion to resurrect House Bill 88.

It looked very good for us throughout the day, especially if you believe the media.

But if you’re like me, we don’t count on anything until the coffin is officially sealed shut on their chances to bring that outrageous bill back from the dead.

Our Director of Gun Rights Policy, Brett Zingarelli, was at Legislative Hall for the last few hours, monitoring activity on the inside and watching for any hint of a change.

We continued the phone calls to citizens today, just to make sure the politicians understood that we hadn’t gone back to sleep.

And now it’s official in every way possible:


We need to take this opportunity to celebrate how our strategy for fighting gun control – and ALL assaults on our liberty – took that bill from the fast track of passage to the killing fields of defeat.

What we did shows that the tide can be turned in Delaware if our passionate patriots are trained properly.

We need more people to learn how to correctly interpret the words of politicians and the Establishment when they open their mouths.

We need more people to understand the unpopular tactics that work, versus the popular ones that are ineffective.

Above all, we need a well-trained militia of citizen activists who can win political battles in this war against our freedom.

That’s why I urge you to join me and many others in Hartly on February 1st for the One-Day Political Leadership School.

Click Here to reserve a spot.

Forward this to a like-minded neighbor or friend.

The Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership has taken the conventional ideas on politics that we have all become accustomed to —

— and turned them on their heads.

Political science majors, television and radio pundits, and Establishment politicians will not want you to receive this training.

Obviously, I don’t care about that, so I organized this event.

I want you to get the same training Brett and I have received, so we can fill more ranks in this movement to restore our republic.

Please click here to join me in Hartly on February 1st.

And a big THANKS to all of you who were part of the fight against House Bill 88.

It proved we can do this.

It also opened our eyes to how much more we will be able to get done.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye

Chairman, First State Liberty PAC

P.S. Please SIGN UP and join us for the One-Day Political Leadership School in Hartly on February 1st.

And if your budget allows, please also click here to help us recoup the costs of our activity to defeat House Bill 88 for the second time.