Corporate Welfare

Jack Markell and others cronies are picking the tax payers pocket and giving them to big corporate interests.  Click to take action!


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Constitutional Infringements

Let's crack down on infringements of our Constitution. Click Here!

Second Christina School District Referendum

A second referendum to increase school taxes for Christina School District will be held on May 27, 2015. A public forum to discuss the budget will be held on March 31 from 2:00–6:00 p.m. and 7:30-9:00 p.m. at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School: 50 Gender Rd, Newark, DE 19713.

End Corporate Welfare

According to The News Journal, Delaware has provided $213 million to corporations in grants and loans since 2009. As part of the Strategic Fund initiative, Fisker Automotive received more than $20 million before filing for bankruptcy without ever creating any of the 2,500 jobs it promised.  As part of the bankruptcy plan, $16.5 million will be paid

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Baltz School Em Bear rassment

We have contacted the Delaware Department of Elections about the Red Clay Consolidated School District staff violating state law by electioneering INSIDE the polling location at Baltz Elementary School. They have promptly responded by saying the matter is being researched. If you have not seen our video yet, watch below.

SIGN THIEF ACTION: Demand Hall-Long Resign

Chicago style political thuggery should not be tolerated right here in the First State. If you agree, I hope that you will contact incumbent State Senator Bethany Hall-Long and demand that she resign immediately! As you can see here, Bethany Hall-Long’s husband was caught on camera stealing campaign signs, and is facing criminal charges following

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