Fellow First Stater,

Governor Markell wants our guns.

With his powerful position in Dover, Governor Markell and his cronies are attempting to remove the right of First Staters to defend their families and property from all threats, foreign and domestic.

We must act swiftly to send the message to the elected officials in Delaware that we will push back against gun-grabbing politicians.

We must make them understand that there will be electoral consequences for voting for more gun-grabbing.

Please fill out the important petition below and we will send a message to our legislators and other elected officials that First Staters will not stand for further restrictions on our God-given rights to keep and bear arms.

Will you sign this crucial petition to send the message that we will NOT tolerate more gun-grabbing laws from our legislators?

For Liberty,

Eric Boye
First State Liberty PAC

Official Delaware Gun Rights Petition

Do you believe that the Second Amendment language "Shall not be infringed" applies in Delaware?

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Do you oppose any more gun-grabbing laws that Governor Markell and his cronies in Dover are trying to pass?

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Will you vote AGAINST any politician who votes in favor of any more restrictive firearms laws?

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